Company Profile

About The Company

Our Company was founded in 1988. Since its founding, the aim of our company which has determined place in construction market is to present high quality services to customers at a wide range including investigation, design and construction. ATAK A.Ş. cooperates with sister company named ATAK UPM (Universal Project & Management Co. Ltd) Employing this experience in engineering, The Company achieved to being among the elite engineering and steel construction fabricator firms as taking TUCSAmark Structural Steel Pro- ficiency Certificate given by TUCSA (Turk Structural Steel Qualification Certificate)

Our company is a registered member of :

  • TUCSA, Turkish Structural Steel Association
  • The union of Turkish engineers and architects
  • Chamber of Civil Engineers

In addition to the engineering expertise, The Company is equipped with a steel fabrication plant with flexibility and in house solutions that include in house production of light gauge steel profiles and large diameter hollow sections. In house solutions include cold forming of standing seam panels used to clad roofs and sides of most steel structures.

Additionally, our tensile membrane fabrication facility came into operation as of 2014.

ATAK A.Ş. is among the few companies in Turkey that can design, detail, fabricate, erect and occassionally clad a structure.

Fields of expertise:

  • Commercial Buildings (Greater span buildings): Seaports, airports, sport complexes, sta- diums, arenas, shopping centers, exhibition halls, hotel, holiday village, convention and culture centers and municipality service buildings.
  • Light and Heavy Industrial Buildings: Cement, brick, cotton yarn, textile factories, energy production plants, warehouse, conveyors, steel bridges, high towers, fuel tanks and raw material warehouses.
  • Food Industrial Structures: Entegrated production and manipulation plants, beverage factories, brewery factories etc.
  • Water and Waste Treatment Plants
  • Hangars: Special aircraft and helicopter hangars
  • Agricultural Buildings: Horizontal and vertical grain storage silos
  • Light Weight Steel Structures (Light gauge cold formed): Residence, office and prefabric buildings
  • Multi Story Buildings: Office and residences
  • Tensile membrane structures
  • Staff and Production Capacity

Our Company is staffed with an experienced and dynamic team. At the present time, ATAK A.Ş. employs experienced civil and mechanical engineers and qualified technicians spread out in the following departments:

  • Planning, Research, Bidding and Job Management Design
  • Fabrication Quality Control and Safety • Erection

Our Factory which has indoor space area of 12.000 m2 and outdoor space area of 37.450 m2 is capable of producing 22.750 tons structural steel/year.

The factory adopts up-to-date technology available for fabrication of steel elements, inclu- ding:

  • Manual and automatic sand blasting
  • Computer controlled drilling and cutting (CNC)
  • Modern welding equipments
  • Cold forming equipment and press brakes
  • Painting and paint drying equipments
  • ISO 9001 quality management in production

Our tensile membrane facility, which has 1000 m2 closed area, are equipped with the following machinery:

  • High frequency welding machine
  • Automatic membrane cutter

Our Quality Control Standard and International Certification

ATAK A.Ş. Engineering management system is organized for the purpose of increasing the customer satisfaction and maintain all needs of customer. We confirm that with the ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2 and TUCSA certificates taken from internationally accredited organizations. Our Company is inspected continuously on 6 month basis by Bureau Veritas and TCS Com­panies. Our Quality Control Department is capable of ensuring quality requirements to the following specifications.

  • Material Acceptance Supervision, Material Properties, Visual and Quantity Control, Verifi- cation of Material Certificates (EN 10058, EN 499, EN 10029, EN 12536)
  • Inspection of Surface after Sand Blasting (SIS 05 59 00 Sa 2,5; ISO 8501-1)
  • Inspection of Welding Procedure (WPS/PQR) (EN15612, EN15608, EN 15609)
  • Inspection of Welder Certificates (WPQ) (EN 15614, EN 287-1, EN 1418 norms)
  • and qualif. of welding proc. for metallic materials (EN ISO 15607)
  • and qualif. of paint. proc. (TS EN ISO 12944 & TS 914 EN ISO 1461)